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"Bee Oasis " Photo/Video Competition

We increasingly recognize the essential role that bees and other pollinators play in sustaining biodiversity and our food resources.

At the same time, the number of bees is declining and it is more urgent than ever to raise awareness of the importance of protecting all bees.

To mark the ‘World Bee Day’ on May 20 and to further raise awareness of the crucial role of honey bees, wild bees and all other pollinators to our ecosystems, we would like to invite you to participate in the

 #BeeOasis photo/video competition via social media.

The idea of this year is to put specific focus on the importance of environments that support bee survival.

We offer the creative challenge of photographing a spot in where bees can thrive. 

Competition rules

1) Please submit one photo or short video, taken by you, of a bee-friendly place

2) Tweet the photo/video to @SLOEmbassyCPH using hashtags #BeeOasis and #WorldBeeDay and writing the location (place and country) in which the picture is taken

3) Wait for winners to be announced on World Bee Day, May 20

You may use this text: Ahead of the #WorldBeeDay 2020 I share this #BeeOasis in x ( x = the location the picture/video is shot) to increase awareness of the importance of  environments that support bee survival. #SaveTheBees #LetItBee @SLOEmbassyCPH

Please be aware that if your Twitter account is set to ‘protect my tweets’ and we are not one of your approved followers we will not be able to see your entry, and so it will not be counted.

Motifs could for example be: a bee, a meadow, a garden with plants and flowers, a window box, a field, a bee hotel, a beehive, an apiary or any creative idea in response to the competition theme. 

Competition is open until 19 May 2020.
The three winning entries chosen by a judging panel will be announced on the World Bee Day on 20th of May 2020 on the Slovenian Embassy in Copenhagen's social media.


In collaboration with designer Tanita Klein and technology-driven design studio Bakken & Bæck, IKEA's research and design lab SPACE10 offers their latest design project as a winning prize—the open-sourced and parametrically designed Bee Home. https://space10.com/

Honey donated by Danmarks Biavlerforening (https://www.biavl.dk/)
Slovenian honey hamper
Flower seeds donated by Vilde Bier i Danmark (http://bieridanmark.dk/)

Prizes will be sent to winners anywhere in the Nordic countries. 

It is also possible to participate in the competition via Facebook and Instagram