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Useful links

Links to other state bodies of the Republic of Slovenia 
President of the Republic of Slovenia - www.up-rs.si
National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia- www.dz-rs.si 
Government of the Republic of Slovenia - https://www.gov.si/en/
Government Communication Office - http://www.ukom.gov.si
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - http://www.mzz.gov.si
Other ministries - https://www.gov.si/en/state-authorities/ministries/
Government Office for Development and European Affairs - http://www.svrez.gov.si/en  

Links to economic and business institutions

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - http://eng.gzs.si
Chamber of Craft of Slovenia - http://www.ozs.si
Trade and Investment Promotion Agency - http://www.investslovenia.org
Bank of Slovenia - http://www.bsi.si
Institute for Macroeconomic Analysis and Development - http://www.umar.gov.si
Ljubljana Stock Exchange - http://www.ljse.si
Statistical Office - http://www.stat.si
Slovenia Partner - Your Gateway to Slovenian Business - http://www.sloveniapartner.com
Borza - Collection of Business Offers and Enquiries - http://www.borza.org
Slovenian Tourist Board - http://www.slovenia.info

Web Portal for Slovenes in neighbouring countries and abroad
Information on Slovenia

Virtual Reality Panoramas - http://www.burger.si
Ljubljana Tourist Information Portal - http://www.ljubljana.si/si/
Ljubljana Life Magazine - http://www.geocities.ws/ljubljanalife/index.htm
The Slovenia Times (Slovenian magazine in English language) - http://www.sloveniatimes.com

Slovenian as a second or foreign language
Centre of Slovenian as a foreign language - https://www.centerslo.si/
Slovenian language courses - https://centerslo.si/tecaji-za-odrasle/tecaji
Link to different dictionaries of Slovenian language - http://evroterm.gov.si/slovar

Slovenian Press Agency