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Thirty Years of Diplomatic Relations

Thirty years ago, the Nordic countries were among the first in the world to recognize the Republic of Slovenia as an independent state and to establish diplomatic relations with this young aspiring country in the heart of Europe. Slovenia's long-held dreams and aspirations were fulfilled. 

However, this was only the start of an exciting and demanding journey. The viability of Slovenian statehood was growing as members of the international community recognised the country's independence one after another. In the Nordic region, it began with Iceland on 19 December 1991, to be followed by Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden on 15 January 1992. The establishment of diplomatic relations was imminent.

Slovenia formally established diplomatic relations with Denmark on 20 January 1992, with Sweden on 29 January 1992, with Finland on 17 February 1992, with Norway on 18 February 1992 and with Iceland on 24 February 1992. At that time, foundations were laid for excellent cooperation in the political, economic and other spheres, and for thriving relations between Slovenia and all five Nordic countries. We celebrate this important milestones.

Only three decades later, together with its Nordic partners, Slovenia belongs to the group of the most developed countries in the world. It has just successfully concluded its second presidency of the Council of the European Union and has been contributing to transatlantic security as a NATO ally. Cooperation with the Nordics in trade, services and other areas is constantly growing, including through regular high-level political dialogue with all partners and allies in the region.

Holding the Nordics in great esteem for their visionary green transition, the sophisticated level of digitalization, high respect for the rule of law, effective social welfare and embedded equal opportunities, Slovenia wishes to continue its close collaboration with the most integrated region in the world. At the same time, it stands ready to respond to the common challenges, such as climate change, the European security order, the pandemic or the attacks on European values. In only thirty years, Slovenia has proven to be a reliable partner and a constructive actor in the international community.