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Celebrating the Slovenian 30th Statehood Day and the beginning of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU

To mark Slovenia's 30th independence anniversary and the beginning of the second Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU the Embassy of Slovenia hosted a concert of the No Border Trio and a reception in the iconic Langlinie Pavillonen on 1 July 2021. Participants were addressed by Ambassador of Slovenia Mr Edvin Skrt and by Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Jeppe Kofod.

Ambassador Skrt spoke of Slovenia's determination, wisdom and unity 30 years ago when she chose the path of the Euro-Atlantic integrations, which in return formed Slovenia in one of the most developed and socially just countries in the world. Ambassador Skrt described bilateral relation between Slovenia and Denmark as excellent. Both countries are sharing values and are source of many innovative high technology and green solutions; like Slovenian Pipistrel's electric planes being used by the Danish Military are. Ambassador Skrt presented the four priorities of the Slovenian EU Presidency and introduced the No Border Trio as the art project carrying not only a message of a Europe without borders in culture and music but also a message about the importance of borders to remain open during crisis.

Minister Kofod expressed satisfaction to be able to participate in a physical event after a very long time due to pandemic. Slovenian first EU Presidency was marked by a global economic crisis of 2008 and the second EU Presidency is to be marked by COVID-19 pandemic. He listed economic recovery, strengthening resilience, green transition and the rule of law as some of the Slovenian EU Presidency priorities, which are at the same time very important issues for Denmark. 

Minister Kofod underlined that the EU would need to strengthen its' resilience to many of the challenges: the rule of law is under increased pressure, challenges of a climate change are increasing, conflicts and wars are fuelling the migration crisis. Minister Kofod referred to the Conference on the Future of Europe, which should not get locked in institutional discussion but should include and listen to the people. Minister Kofod reminded that Slovenian 30 years of independence are a story of people demanding change and getting it. The story, which has offered hope and a model of democratic evolution. However, values and independence cannot be taken for granted.