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Denmark's borders to be closed from 14 March to 13 April 2020

As of midday Saturday 14 March 2020 untill Monday 13 April 2020, Denmark's borders will be closed to foreigners. Only foreigners with a recognised reason for entering the country will be allowed in. General family visits, vacations and the suchlike will not be accepted as a recognised reason.

Recognised reasons for foreigners to enter the country were, for example:
• If one works or lives in Denmark,
• If one is delivering goods in Denmark,
• If one is collecting goods from Denmark,
• If one has joint parental rights with children in Denmark.

Each individual case will be determined by border officers, who will be led by police but include military personnel.

Queues at border posts are expected. Partial or full closure of train, aircraft and ferry services are expected.

Danes are also advised against travelling out of Denmark to any other country to avoid spreading the Novel Coronavirus.