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Minister dr. Cerar and Foreign Minister of Finland Haavisto share similar views about European topics

Minister dr. Cerar attended the 14th Bled Strategic Forum, where he met up with Pekka Haavisto, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, who is currently presiding over the Foreign Affairs Council of EU. The ministers focused their discussion on bilateral relations, the Western Balkans, migrations and the Arctic.

During the talks, the ministers confirmed the excellent relations between the two countries and advocated for the continuation of regular political dialogue and all-round strengthening of cooperation. They agreed that Slovenia and Finland are also connected due to similar views they both represent within the European Union and in the international community.

During the discussion about the Western Balkans minister dr. Cerar called for an agreement to open accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania in October. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a European perspective for the region. With regard to migration, he confirmed that Slovenia supports European solutions, and advocates for the Schengen area to again become and remain an area without internal border controls. Minister Haavisto outlined the priorities of the Finnish EU Presidency, highlighting in particular Finnish support for EU policy, which takes into account the need to protect the economic potential and stability of the Arctic region, in particular its fragile environment.

Finnish Foreign Minister Haavisto also participated as a keynote speaker at the panel titled "Western Balkans - a path to Europe and democracy and shared responsibility" at the 14th Bled Strategic Forum.