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Performance of a Slovenian band Leni Kravac at Live at Heart festival

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Copenhagen, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, will support the performance of the Slovenian group Leni Kravac at the Live at Heart festival in Örebro, Sweden. The band started their journey as a solo vision in 2011 and evolved into a seven-piece band, in which the drums, bass and guitar are joined by the trumpet, saxophone and two vocals. Leni Kravac performs a mix of genres, from drum ’n’ bass, to funk, jazz and hip hop. Their contagious Balkan temperament and energetic performances are a part of the reason why the audiences quickly grew to love them in the recent years. The band has been selected to perform at the renowned Swedish festival through the network of European showcase festivals INES. Live at Heart is one of the biggest Scandinavian festivals and thus a great opportunity for Leni Kravac to gain even more media recognition and appear at other festivals. The two concerts at Live at Heart festival will be held on 6. and 7. September 2019.