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Ambassador Edvin Skrt Gives Recognition to the Finnish-Slovenian Friendship Association on their 20th Anniversary

Helsinki, 23 March 2019 –  Ambassador Edvin Skrt attended the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Finnish-Slovenian friendship association Slovenia-seura. He presented acknowledgments and recognition in the name of the Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians abroad. Moreover, he presented recognition of the Embassy to the current president Sirpa Spoljarič, to all the former presidents and the most active members of the society and he expressed gratitude to every member of the association for actively cooperating and promoting Finnish-Slovenian friendship.

At the festivity, the Ambassador expressed appreciation to the members of the Finnish-Slovenian friendship association and their guests on the 20th anniversary of actively promoting Slovenian tourism, literature, culinary and wine. He named them the ambassadors of Finnish-Slovenian friendship and the promoters of Slovenian ways in Finland. In his speech he presented current trade and political relations between the two countries and outlined Slovenian society and economy.

The Ambassador conveyed the greetings of the minister of the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad mr. Peter Česnik and delivered the Office's recognition and acknowledgements on the association's 20th anniversary. In addition, he presented the recognition of the Embassy for promoting Slovenian culture, tourism and Finnish-Slovenian friendship to the president of the association, Sirpa Spoljarič, to its founder Kari Klemelä, to the former presidents Maria Vesna Autio and Aira Pellinen and to the most active members Yrjö Lautela, Lena Björklund, Helena Päätalo and Andreja Valtanen.